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What to Bring When Traveling to the Philippines

Along with the regular travel documents and important materials like passport, visa, airline tickets, cellphones, clothes, cash and ATMs, are other must haves any traveler is advised to bring when going to our country, the Philippines. Here is a list, which you can feel free to add to, plus the reason why.

A Philippine visa may not be required from tourists from Brazil and Israel if they plan to stay in the country for not more than 59 days. Perhaps special arrangements have been made with these countries, I don't know. There really are unique rules about Philippine foreign affairs. Also, tourists who will be coming to the Philippines for business and tourism purposes may be allowed to enter the country without a visa provided their stay will not exceed 21 days, their passports’ validity is more than 6 months and they possess a round trip airline ticket.

Now going to those essentials, here is what Cultureight Travel recommends:

  1. Sunscreen lotions
  2. Our country, the Philippines, being a tropical country is mostly sunny. When traveling here, it is a wise and healthy idea to always use sunscreen lotions. To protect you from excessive and harmful rays of the sun, a sunscreen lotion that has at least SPF 15 is vital to lessen effects of sun burn.

  3. Cameras and camcorders
  4. The Philippines is not ranked 17th most biodiverse culture for nothing. Don't waste your visit by not taking souvenir photos of the wonderful colors of our country. Please note though that it's 220V of electricity as a standard here. Most 5-star hotels provide 100V outlets but generally, they are not available, specially in the rural areas.

  5. Garbage bags
  6. In an interview with dzMM, tour chief Charisse Aquino-Tugade said it's always good to bring a few garbage bags (clean ones) while traveling. "You can place not only your trash but also your dirty clothes, shoes, and even your pasalubong."

    If you must, packing light is no problem when going to the Philippines since most of what you will need are available. Really, it's an easy country to enjoy. You will easily find all that you need since malls and shopping areas are almost everywhere in Philippine metro, unless you are on some remote island province somewhere. Also, English is spoken by most of the population due to a long term American presence.

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