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The Curious Case of the Snake in My Yard

Sometime the Beginning of March

There was a snake in-between my bamboo fence and the neighbors wire fence. It was a the size of “isang dipa”, which I thought was about a foot, but I was wrong. If you extend both your arms out, the length from side to side is “isang dipa”. That’s about 4 feet. It was black with the circumference of twice a billiard stick.

The construction workers fixing our neighbors' home found it sleeping in between our fences, and said it was a cobra. Obviously, no one wants a snake in their home, especially a cobra. My husband called the security where we live so we can have it removed safely with no one getting hurt. Our helper at home reckons that there are four categories of snakes:
  1. Sawa - The python. This snake lives in the bukid or forests and coils around you.
  2. The Cobra - Well, we all know what that is.
  3. The Ahas Bahay - The house snake, usually black. It lives in people’s homes and is not dangerous.
  4. The Ahas Damo- The grass snake, usually green. It lives in the grass and won’t bother you unless you step on it.

My friend, Myrna, a T'boli from Lake Sebu was over that day,and she said that if it had the design of T'nalak (a special woven Abaca fabric), then it’s dangerous, if not, then we’re okay.

Myrna and our other friend Singon on the way to a performance

Today I found out that the neighbors did find the snake, what they did with it, I have not a clue. But they did say, it will no longer be lurking in-between our fences.

What if it had the T'nalak design? What if it was an ahas bahay? Of course I will never know because I never saw it.

In my world, there are no rattle snakes or black mambas. Just these four categories. It makes my life easier.

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