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Post Earth Day Musings

It is the second time that the Philippines is joining Earth Hour.

For you who doesn't know what it is, Earth Hour is an effort to promote global awareness about climate change. It started three years ago in Sydney, Australia when 2.2 million homes and establishments decided to switch off all electrical appliances for an hour. In 2008, it became a worldwide initiative participated in by over 50 million people from 35 countries.

It is hair-raising to watch the world's cities joining together for an hour over a global cause that is very much upon us. Popular places like the Sydney Harbor Bridge, The Golden Gate Bridge in San Francisco, Rome's Colosseum were in black out.

It is my first time to participate in this global effort. Last year, we were attending a wedding when the world held it. This time around, Saturday 27 March at 8.30pm (local time) I was home with my family and we were all eager to switch off.

Even before it started, we turned off - as in unplug, all our electrical appliances, except the refrigerator. Hehehe! Then, with the camera and loose money in tow, we went walking around to capture the blackest moments. We wanted to see which household and business is walking the sustainable path.

In our area in Quezon City, it wasn't very exciting. I've seen livelier days - Chinese New Year, Christmas and New Year. I guess the effort is still new and not well supported. I was elated to see Mang Inasal using dim lighting all throughout their store and lighting candles for the individual tables. They were the first one I spotted, though they could use more efforts in 'greening' their take out packaging by perhaps using banana leaves and paper.

We were expecting dark streets. My kid was ready with her laser lights. But what we saw were well lit up establishments. From afar, I can even see ABS-CBN's lights display which changes color every now and then. Happily, there was Dunkin' Donuts which was in total darkness. There were people inside - I think a bunch of senior citizens - having some coffee, and yet they dared switch off. Way to go! My picture doesn't give justice to their effort though, plus there wasn't any sign on their walls or doors about them joining the Earth Hour. I think it would be nice if next year, business establishments could put a sign that they're joining?

Starbucks was a bit dim during Earth Hour, but aren't they usually? With their following and public statement over use of earth-friendly table napkins, they could push it further by going as black as espresso.

Hopefully next year there would be more Filipino households and businesses observing Earth Hour. It was easy, hardest thing I could imagine is pooping during Earth Hour.

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