Philippine Trivia

  1. Philippine Fun Facts - The Philippines is an archipelago of more than 7,107 islands and a population of over 90 million. These numbers definitely account for some interesting, if not fun facts, about our country as well as who we are.
  2. Philippine Facts - Climate: Warm and extremely humid!
  3. Mount Kitanglad named 28th ASEAN Heritage Park - The Mount Kitanglad (Kitanlad) Range Protected Area (MKRPA) in Bukidnon, a popular bird watching site and home to a dormant volcano ranked fourth highest peak in the country has been named the 28th ASEAN Heritage Park at the 11th Annual Meeting of ASEAN ministers.
  4. Haring Ibon: Romancing the Philippine Eagle - The Philippine eagle is one of the largest and most endangered eagles in the world.
  5. Philippines on National Geographic’s To Visit List - It has been recent news that the Philippines made it to National Geographics’s 25 best new travel destinations in the world for 2010 because of our ancient cultures, structures and biodiversity.
  6. Philippines: A Land of Superlatives - The largest fish in the world, the Whale Shark, locally known as Butanding, regularly swims to the Philippine waters.
  7. Indigenously Philippines - Endemic to the Philippines, the Cebu Flowerpecker was rediscovered by Dr. Rob Timmins in 1992, 100 years after its last sighting.
  8. Quiapo Golden Mosque -…the famous Quiapo Golden Mosque. And off we went…. Built by Imelda Marcos for Libyan leader Khadafi in 1976, the mosque still stands in its shining glory. Well, not so shiny. Its gold dome is currently being renovated, but it is lovely nonetheless.