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Next Generation Electric Bicycle by a Filipino

We at Cultureight Travel, are always proud of Filipino achievers and achievements. And since we dig sustainable travel around the Philippines like no other, we went crazy reading about this electronic bike made by a Filipino!

Tronix Ebike Exceed, "a next generation electric bicycle" innovation made by Innovatronix Inc., a Filipino electronic equipment manufacturer. The bike is a suitable travel partner for adventure trips with its 16-in wheels, headlight and taillights, and foldable feature. Imagine that! With speed capacity of up to 30kph and a 20 kilometer coverage on a full charge, this bike is a good and safe companion day or night. Its charging time takes 3-5 hours to complete.

Innovatronix Marketing Officer said, “We have come up with the Tronix Ebike Exceed for those who want to go out and have fun—they can explore the outdoors with ease because this bike is foldable and small enough to bring along during trips and leisure activities.”

What we like most about this bike is the fact that it is environment-friendly because it uses a 300-watt, 24-volt battery-operated motor.

Congratulations Innovatronix! More eco-friendly gadgets and equipment please.

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