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Making Meaning out of your Adventure Travels

Mountain trekking, white water rafting, surfing, caving and a host of other activities translate to an exhilirating, unforgettable adventure travels. But after the rush and the photo souvenirs, you ask yourself, what impact have I done? What meaning is there out of these energy rush?

Well, if you get into this self-questioning mode, which you will eventually - for travelling opens up your world and your sensibilities - there are tours which offer both. You not only enjoy yourself, you'll be giving back to the community you visit as well.

Merriam Webster defines the wordmeaningful as having purpose, full of significance, having an assigned function. For one, adventure travel provides a whole lot of meaning to the traveler already. Exposing oneself to more of one can handle, experiencing things never done before is enough meaning already. It carves out memories so unique and unforgettable a traveler is left unchanged. It gives a bigger picture of oneself, equivalent to achieving something difficult, accomplishing a feat.

Voluntourism, or traveling overseas to help gives a whole new aspect to adventure travel. It does not only provide meaning to the traveler, the host community is changed for good as well. Since most volutourism tours involve giving back to the community you visit, it's a win-win solution. Examples of voluntourism are teaching English in countries where the language is not primarily spoken, helping out in turtle conservations.

Such tours allow interaction with the locals, and the local wildlife, since traveler is immersed in the community visited. The travel is not the ordinary brochure-like experience of good sunsets and white sand beaches in a well kept hotel, but it becomes colorful, with lasting connections and impressions established. One gets to explore hidden treks, unknown but equivalently majestic mountains, personal coastlines.

Cultureight Travel provides such adventure on November 22 as we go on an adventure tour dubbed Ancient South. We troop to the beautiful General Santos City, Sarangani Province, South Cotabato to explore quaint provincial towns, million year old caves, vibrant cultural villages, and a lake that never seems to dry up. The heart of Mindanao, these places offer a unique chance to take a ride on the infamous habal-habal and visit a sea turtle hatchery. We'll weave T’nalak with the elaborate T’boli tribe of the spiritual Lake Sebu. Add snorkeling with sergeant fish, river tubing in rushing white water, and hiking “Zion” and you’re well on your way to an experience of a lifetime. Hope you can join us!

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