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Indigenously Philippines

The Philippines is a surprise. Wonderful natural resources, warm and friendly people, plus a culture and a heritage that's unique yet familiar. Here, we feature things that make the Philippines truly special. Feel free to add your own.


Filipinos are good with details, making friends, sharing stuff and having fun.

  1. Taal, Batangas is a heritage town worth visiting for its rich share of Hispanic era architecture pieces. It's name, which means original or true, Taal is also popular for its balisong or butterfly knife makers as well as the fine embroidery, panutsa (a sweet delicacy of peanut and brown sugar) making, sawali (house roofing material) and broom making.


Graceful, lively, complicated and skillful are the dances from the Philippines. I know, we had to learn dancing the Pandanggo sa Ilaw for like three months before we were able to balance the candles on our heads. More than this, Filipino dances have rich stories of origins and meanings.

  1. Pandanggo sa Ilaw - Originally from Leyte, this is the Filipinos take of the Spanish fandango. The use of lights came from the ways of the fishermen who, coming from the sea with their might catch are welcomed with lights by the women. As the reunion is matched with stories, laughter and rejoicing, the dancers are known to balance the candles on their head and hands.
  2. Subli is a Philippine folk dance originating from Batangas. It’s a ceremonial devotion dance in honor of the Holy Cross or Mahal na Poong Sta Cruz. According to, the word Subli actually means salisi or exchange which explains the characteristic of the dance. The male footwork while doing palm claps where very dynamic while in contrast, the ladies were very graceful and were gliding elegantly on the floor. here were times these dances could go on for days.

Philippine Transportation

Traveling around the Philippines is no hassle. There are various modes of transportation that are available all over.

  1. Habal-habal
  2. A motorcycle turned into a taxi.

  3. Kadang-kadang
  4. Bamboo sticks as feet

Flora and Fauna

Blessed with 7,100 islands, there's no doubt biodiversity is so full and alive.

  1. Cebu Flowerpecker
  2. Endemic to the Philippines, the Cebu Flowerpecker was rediscovered by Dr. Rob Timmins in 1992, 100 years after its last sighting. The bird was found in the village of Tabunan, and small numbers can also be seen in Nug-As and Mount Lantoy, also in Cebu. Presently, an estimated 100 birds of this specie may be living in the area. Awarded by the British Birdwatching Fair 2009 in Oakham, Rutland, United Kingdom (UK) as Bird Life Species Champion. Read full feature at

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