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Saving Mother Earth - Join Us!

The effects of climate change are upon us - unpredictable and extreme weather patterns, rising tides, the destruction of ice shelves, drought, flooding. As individuals, there are numerous things we can do to reduce our carbon footprints.

Aside from offering sustainable tourism packages around the Philippines, Cultureight Travel is allocating 20% of every payment you make to developing modules that will promote unlearning, re-learning and learning of “Saving the Earth”. This means, we go to an area and talk about waste management, carbon emissions, what they are doing wrong, and how they should do things with least carbon footprint.

Come, join our earth lessons! Contact us for the schedules.

Maitum, Sarangani- The last frontier of Sarangani province, Maitum is the place to see rainforests, sea turtles and several cultural communities. If you want adventure, you can try your hand at river tubing. There are no levels here, you either face your fear and conquer the rapids, or you can just stand and take pictures on one of the many hanging bridges. Visit the sea turtle sanctuary for a chance to play with the Olive Ridley's and Hawksbills. If the water isnt your adventure, try the hike to Zion Cave where Tboli guides will show you the medicinal plants along the way.



Meet the real “head-hunters”. Meet with a tribal chieftain and hike your way to glorious Banaue rice terraces. Meander your way through local villages and sleep in the indigenous hut. Learn how to chew betel-nut and drink rice wine with the villages.


We won't book you in a five star hotel with a fancy butler, and we won't even feed you a continental breakfast. We will book you an evening in a thriving rain forest. We will shower you with the sounds of ancient chants and brass gongs, and we will feed you rice cooked in bamboo.  It's an experience, a journey and it's definitely not ordinary. Either that or you can spend a day with us, getting drunk and learning about our history!

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