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Capitol University Museum of Three Cultures

History is not only learned at school, it can even be experienced first hand.

The Capitol University Museum of Three Cultures, an attraction both of history and cultural value, is packed with curious visitors. It features Mindanao's three cultures of Maranao of Marawi, Iligan of Cagayan de Oro and the Indigenous Peoples of Northern Mindanao.

The museum is divided in three divisions. First one to welcome the guests is the "Kasaysayan" (History) which is a collection of old photographs of Cagayan de Misamis and Northern Mindanao. There are huge bottles used as perfume containers during the Hispanic era as well as Chinese porcelain and pottery excavated from Butuan City's archeological sites.

The second division is the Posaka Maranao which showcases the collection of Madame Laureana San Pedro Rosales’ collection of antique Maranao brasswares, jewelry, musical instruments, textiles, wooden crafts mainly from Tugaya, Lake Lanao. Believed to be the most extensive collection of Maranao antique materials, Rosales' collection includes gold, silver and ivory Maranao heirlooms dating as far back as China's Sung Dynasty.

The third part is called Rawari, a Lumad name of the river that traverses from Matigsalug to Manobo territories of Southern Bukidnon. Here, visitors can find masterpieces of local artists since this part is especially designed to promote the craftsmanship and skills of the exhibitors.

Visit the museum and get to play some of the musical instruments displayed in the museum. The museum opens daily from 9am-12noon, 2-6pm except Mondays. Group tours under Museum Docents (tour guides) can be pre-arranged through the office. Fees are P5 for public school students, P20 for private school students, P150 for a whole family access regardless of size.

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