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Camping Brings out Love for Nature and Family

Camping in the Philippines is not very popular. We only get to experience it during primary school days with our Boy Scouts or Girl Scouts troop. Then after that, if we get lucky, at the beach during outings. That's as far as we can go.

One reason why people are not so into camping is comfort. We have this idea that if you go outdoors, you'd be beating yourself hard as you sleep on badly set up hammocks while mosquitoes feast on you. Nowadays though, there are air beds you can bring, lightweight electric fans, very comfortable sleeping bags and lots of gadgets and tools you can camp with.

Take lots of photos, make sure you got spare battery though.

Best Camping Trip Tips states it plainly: "With today’s amenities there is no need to “rough it” on a camping trip. Even folks that insist they don’t like to camp may enjoy modern day camping that can have much of the comforts of home."

Here are basic things to keep in mind when introducing camping to your family or friends:

  • Bonfire
  • What is camping without it? Roasts some marshmallows or hot dogs while exchanging stories, playing games or singing. Make sure though you put out the fire once finished.

    In my husband's side of the family, bonfire lighting has been a tradition whenever we are in Batangas during Holy Week. All the kids, even teens would gather the firewood from the shore or the nearby mountain and when it comes nighttime, all would huddle together for some jokes and drinks.

  • Bring as much as you can
  • Actually, this could get tricky. My experience has always been that after all the great packing, there would always be something we'd forget. I suggest you pack days prior to camping so you will not rush. Go through your closet, even the whole household to check things you could bring that would make the experience better, like camera, batteries, flashlights, compass, lighters/matches, first aid kits, cards or other games. suggests this list. If you are going with a big group, you can agree who brings what so you don't bring the whole house with you.

      It's all fun when you're with like-minded friends camping out
    1. Sleeping Quarters
    2. Tent including pegs/stakes, guy ropes
    3. Groundsheet
    4. Flysheet
    5. Mallet
    6. Sleeping bags/blankets
    7. Air bed/lilo
    8. Roll mats/pads to lie on
    9. Pillows
    10. Cooking Equipment
    11. Cooker, stove, barbecue kit
    12. Bottled gas or other form of fire igniting material – wood or charcoal, for example
    13. Matches/lighter
    14. Cooling box
    15. Pans, pots, plates, cutlery, cups, glasses
    16. Cooking utensils, e.g. large spoon, fork, ladle, tongs
    17. Tin opener, bottle opener, corkscrew
    18. Sharp knife for food preparation
    19. Food storage containers
    20. Thermos flask
    21. Bin bags
    22. Kitchen foil, kitchen tissue, napkins
    23. Washing up bowl and liquid
    24. Dishcloths and tea towels
    25. Food and drink supplies
    26. Personal Hygiene
    27. Soap and shampoo
    28. Toothbrush and toothpaste
    29. Deodorant
    30. Towels
    31. Toilet paper
    32. Sanitary towels
    33. Wet wipes
    34. Warm clothes
    35. Cool clothes
    36. Waterproofs
    37. Boots/walking shoes and any other appropriate footwear
    38. Beachwear
    39. Sun hat
    40. Woollen hat
    41. First aid kit
    42. Insect repellent
    43. Sun cream
    44. Antihistamines
    45. Antiseptic
    46. Plasters/bandages
    47. Paracetamol or some other kind of pain relief
    48. Torch
    49. Mobile phone
    50. Camera, binoculars
    51. Toys, books, games, cds/dvds and cd/dvd players, radio
    52. Spare batteries
    53. Backpack
    54. Outdoor ‘furniture’ e.g. foldaway chairs/tables
    55. Miscellaneous tools, e.g. screwdriver, scissors, tweezers
    56. Pen and paper
    57. Safety pins, sewing kit
    58. Duct tape
    59. Trowel
    60. Spare rope, spare tarp
    61. Map and compass
  • Choose good company
  • Make sure you go with the right people. Any trip is most enjoyable with the best buddies along. Also, be in a fun, adventurous mood yourself. Be the one to set the attitude.

  • No trash, please
  • The whole point of going outdoors is to experience nature firsthand - the twinkling night sky, the fresh breeze, the melodious forest animal chorus, the bright morning sun. Don't leave your marks by leaving your trash. Bury them if you must!

  • Don't interact with wild animals
  • You shouldn’t try and feed any animals you see – remember, they’re called wildlife for a reason. If you have a dog with you, keep it under close control so it doesn’t worry any farm or wild animals, advises

    Bring your family out there and explore the wonders of nature. Experience a thrill of a life time taking a dip into the cool stream waters, picking fruits along the trail. Be on the look out for lessons to teach the kids, or stay quiet and just let them explore. Enjoy the outdoors!

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