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Beautiful Bohol

Famous for being home to one of the Philippine’s natural wonder, the Chocolate Hills, Bohol is a must-visit Philippine destination. The beautiful province boasts of historical places and heritage plus offers breathtaking views which widely includes beaches.

Bohol's Beaches

  • The Alona Beach
  • Most popular beach in Bohol is the Alona Beach in Panglao island. It is one of the most developed beaches in the island of Bohol. The beach is more or less one-kilometer beach stretch lined with several beach and dive resorts to accommodate the great number of tourists visiting the area.

    I learned that the beach got its name when then actress Alona Alegre shot some beach scenes for a movie with Philippine Action King Fernando Poe Jr. A lot of Boholanos went to watch the shooting and the place became popular.

    Divers like to give Aloha beach a visit with its place closer to numerous popular dive spots in Bohol. As regards to food, there are several restaurants that offer various dishes to vacationers and all Alona beach resorts have their own restaurant facility. On certain seasons it is noticeable the large numbers of sea urchins inhabiting the water. They appear about 20 to 30 meters away from the coastline that warrants warning to the swimmers.

    One natural beauty of Alona beach is its abundant coral reef home embedded underneath its pristine waters just about a hundred meter off the beach. The coral life is visible just between 3 to 5 meters deep, a perfect beauty to watch even without scuba diving gears. A lot of scuba divers like to visit these areas of coral homes before going to other dive sites in Alona.

  • Bagobo Beach
  • This beach has fine white sands lined with coconut trees along the shores. Its crystal clear water easily shows the fascinating underwater beauty divers and snorkelers go to this beach for. Most popular beach resorts are Bagobo Beach Resort and Amarela Resort.

    The Arco Point, a diving spot is nearby Bagobo beach. It has caves filled with different fish species such as white-eyed moray, Raggy Scorpion, butterfly, frog, and angel fish.

  • Danao Beach
  • The azure water and abundant marine life in Danao beach captivate many tourists and divers alike. Like the first two beaches, Danao has its own share of beautiful underwater feature. Several famous resorts in Danao Beach are Alumbung Resort, Bita-ug Beach Resort, Bohol Sea Resort, and Kalipayan Beach Resort. They offer quality amenities and accommodation to traveling guests in this area.

    There are also diving spots close to the beach and one is the Kalipayan dive consisting of a wall dive. One can find Barracuda, Comet, Ghost Pipefish, Titan Triggerfish and Blue-finned fish.

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