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A traveling family

When I had my two kids, I have somehow ruled out traveling, especially for long period of time. Simply having the kids, working, and having a household to maintain is quite a juggling feat so I never imagined traveling with them. Until the typhoons, tsunamis and earthquake string made me realize that life is to short to not be lived to the fullest. I mean, these precious children are blessings temporarily given to us as parents. Bringing them around is educating them and actually enjoying each other.

Here are ways to indulge the kids especially while mobile:

  1. Enjoy the view
  2. This is one of the reasons why you went out in the first place - to see new places, experience new things. Point out trees, animals, sceneries, buildings that are unique to the place you're visiting.

  3. Sing songs
  4. Start with their favorites, then move on to introduce new ones that are preferably related to what you are doing? Like Wheels on a Bus, since you are on the road. Or The Bear went over the Mountain, if you are going to hike one.

  5. Bring out toys
  6. It could be their favorite dolly or a newly bought truck. Just so they can play on their own.

  7. Picture books
  8. If the view gets a bit dull or scary, bring out the picture books while you enjoy your own paperback. Make sure though you don't get too engrossed on your own reading. Kids always need reinforcement, that what they are doing is cool.

  9. Play games
  10. I recommend this after napping on the road. Try playing giggle classics like peek-a-boo, simon says.

    Enjoy your trip!

    Want to add to this list? Send us your suggestions!

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